Assortment of colorful and intricately designed Benham Silks, showcasing their unique collectible quality and the diverse range of designs.
What are Benham Silks?

What are Benham Silks?

Benham Silk covers follow a basic design pattern: a rectangular design printed on silk affixed to the left, with a fancy gold border around it, and stamps affixed to the right-hand side of the envelope as per usual. As collectables, what are Benham Silks?

Sometimes an issue will have a cover containing all stamps from the set, as well as a cover for every single stamp.

So for example an issue of 4 stamps would have 5 covers (1 set + 4 singles).

This was not always the case, but frequently so.

So … What are Benham Silks?

Often times these covers have an “insert” which acts as a basic stiffener for the envelope, usually with some interesting text about the issue itself but sometimes a stapled booklet with its own artwork.

It can be tricky to open Benham covers to have a look at the insert and it’s not worth damaging the back of the envelope or back-flap for that purpose so I’d recommend just leaving them alone.

The outsides of the covers are much more interesting than the insides anyway.

Do Benham Silk Covers make good gifts?

Yes, they make superb gifts for someone special.

For each cover, you’ll see a place connected with the person, event or subject featured on the stamps that create a pictorial postmark.

The date featured is the date of the first day the stamps are available.

Are Benham Silk Covers valuable?

Like all aspects of collecting, it very much depends on a number of factors.

First Day Covers are available in limited supplies, but there are many exceptions.

The value will be affected by the postmark and the design of the envelope.

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Hope this answers the question, what are Benham Silks?

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