Text too small to read in the Nucleare Theme
Text too small to read in the Nucleare Theme

Text too small to read in the Nucleare Theme

This Google Search Console (GSC) Text is too small to read error occurs if you use a font size of fewer than 12px. Google recommends a font size of at least 12px. As such, a short WordPress-related post on how to fix the Text too small to read in the Nucleare Theme.

Many search engines rank pages based on how mobile-friendly they are.

Font sizes smaller than 12 px are often difficult to read on mobile devices and may require users to zoom in to display text at a comfortable reading size.

When people visit your website using mobile devices, they have to “pinch to zoom” to view the contents of your site.

Google hates sites that do not offer a good user experience.

This is one of the easy fixes when it comes to Google Search Console Mobile Usability report showing Text Too Small to Read issue.

There is no official minimum font size in the WCAG guidelines, however, it is important that your font size be large enough for most people to read comfortably.

Go to the WordPress admin dashboard and select Appearance – Customize and click Additional CSS.

Paste the code from a new line and click Publish.

font-size: 16px;

So, the section should look like this:

You may have a visual impairment that makes reading difficult, or you may have a screen with a high resolution, or simply a smaller-than-average screen.

Text too small to read in the Nucleare Theme, sorted.

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