Nucleare Pro Latest Tweet Sidebar widget not working
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Nucleare Pro Latest Tweet Sidebar widget not working

Are you new to the Nucleare Pro WordPress theme? Is the newly installed, Nucleare Pro Latest Tweet Sidebar widget not working for you? Is the widget not displaying your most recent tweets? Fret no more.

If you aren’t seeing them in your sidebar, please try clearing your browser cache to see whether that helps.

You know the link to your Twitter account and username is correct, as it takes me to your Twitter page when clicking the “My Tweets” link.

Have you created a Twitter App to support this?

And in so doing, you’ll need a Twitter Dev account.


Twitter will give you ‘Essential‘ access. This provides free and immediate access to the Twitter API.

You actually need ‘Elevated‘ access. This provides a higher level of access to the Twitter API for free with an approved application.

With your application for ‘Essential’ access, you may have to answer the following questions:

• What’s your key use case or business purpose for using the Twitter APIs?

• Do you intend to analyze Tweets, Twitter users, or their content? If yes, how will you run this analysis?

• Will your use case involve Tweeting, Retweeting, or liking content? If yes, how will you interact with the Twitter accounts?

• Will you display Twitter content outside of Twitter? If yes, how and where will you display the content? Will Twitter content be displayed at the row level or aggregated?

We appreciate your help!

You are not finished yet

Your object cache may not be showing the theme widget Tweets.

You need to install a free plugin that does the same thing.

Your Nucleare Pro Latest Tweet Sidebar widget was not working. Now it is. Sorted.

For more on my refresh on WordPress.

A shout-out to Andrea @ CrestaProject for the team’s help and support.

No finer example of customer support.

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