A dilapidated and abandoned building, visually representing the theme of moving away from the old and embracing a new beginning, akin to transitioning from Squarespace to WordPress.
Moving from Squarespace to WordPress

Moving from Squarespace to WordPress

WordPress continues to dominate the CMS market. WordPress powers 42.9% of all websites and 34.68% of the top 1 million websites. According to W3Techs, its share of the CMS market has grown from 51% to 65% in ten years. Like me, have you been considering moving from Squarespace to WordPress?

My Squarespace subscription ends early next year.

Although I may still maintain my client websites built upon WP, there’s no longer a need to justify widgets or plugins on this particular site. It’s long overdue that I operate my own WordPress site.

Way back when

I started on Blogger way back with the help of Andrew Macarthy. This was (and still is in fact), a blog about using the internet’s social spaces to help get you a better job. CV140 was its name.

Surely, just choose a WordPress template.

Probably, a free template.

Maybe a professional or paid template for the added functionality.

Go forth and configure right?

Although, no platform is going to spare you the hard work you need to put into your website’s search engine optimisation.

Regardless, you’ll still need to complete your competitive analysis.

Some thought will be required on the information architecture of your website.

Do your keyword research and prepare your content strategy.

And, let’s not forget to get some backlinks.

Yes, Squarespace has slowly worked to correct the SEO limitations of its platform.

Squarespace has rolled out SEO settings for blog posts and stopped using the site description on every page.

They’ve also introduced templates that are more SEO friendly.

Squarespace sites absolutely can and do rank for small business keywords.

While WordPress continues to be complicated, sometimes confusing, and often slow, Squarespace has consistently improved.

Squarespace will continue to improve the SEO settings on its platform.

Given recent experience on a WIX site, Squarespace SEO is as good as its competitors. It covers all of the SEO basic options, but it has a couple of well-documented issues.

That being said, I’m still moving from Squarespace to WordPress.

“There is nothing permanent except change.” Heraclitus.

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