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Lessons in Leadership, Innovation, and Embracing Opportunities

Lessons in Leadership, Innovation, and Embracing Opportunities

Lessons in Leadership, Innovation, and Embracing Opportunities.

Insights from Ann Hiatt.

Round trip to Dorset yesterday presented the opportunity I needed to finish the book.


And, what an enjoyable read it is.

📈 Success isn’t about avoiding risks but strategically embracing them. From developing a new product feature to venturing into a new market, bold decisions can elevate our brand and set us apart.

📈 We need to recognise when a unique growth opportunity presents itself, even if it’s outside our comfort zone. Whether it’s a challenging project or a collaboration across teams, dive in headfirst.

📈 The world of product and marketing is dynamic. Hiatt emphasises the power of resiliency, reminding us to bounce back from setbacks, continuously learn, and adapt to the ever-changing landscape.

📈 Just as Hiatt pursued her academic dreams and then found her way back into the tech world, we should remain flexible. If a marketing strategy isn’t working, pivot. If a product feature isn’t resonating, reassess and adapt.

📈 Surrounding ourselves with individuals who challenge, inspire, and support us can foster immense growth. Mentorship, collaboration, and continuous learning are keys to success in our space.

📈 Whether it’s understanding customer pain points or finding meaning in day-to-day tasks, perspective can transform the mundane into the meaningful, turning a regular campaign into a resonating message.

A book full of actionable insights and things to consider.

I liked it.

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