Traits of a Sociopath

Although I started researching this morning on the differences between a psychopath and a sociopathSociopaths are often called psychopaths and vice versa but there are differences between a psychopath and a sociopath. ... And while sociopaths and psychopaths do share some traits, sociopathy (antisocial personality disorder or ASP) is generally considered less severe than psychopathy … became more interested to look further at sociopathic tendencies more specifically.

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To be diagnosed with ASP, a person must be at least 18 years old and have a history of aggression, rule-breaking and deceit that dates to childhood. Here are some red flags to watch out for (see Sociopath Traits):

  1. Symptom: Lack of Empathy

  2. Symptom: Difficult Relationships … Rather than forge connections with the people in their lives, they might try to exploit them for their own benefit through deceit, coercion and intimidation.

  3. Symptom: Manipulativeness …  Sociopaths tend to try and seduce and ingratiate themselves with the people around them for their own gain, or for entertainment.

  4. Symptom: Deceitfulness … They often feel comfortable lying to get their own way, or to get themselves out of trouble. They also tend to embellish the truth when it suits them.

  5. Symptom: Callousness … Some might be openly aggressive and violent.

  6. Symptom: Hostility … Sociopaths are not only hostile themselves, but they are more likely to interpret others’ behaviour as hostile, which drives them to seek revenge.

  7. Symptom: Irresponsibility … They may have a disregard for financial or social obligations; not paying child support and regularly taking time off work.

  8. Symptom: Impulsivity … Making spur of the moment decisions with no thoughts for the consequences is part of everyday life.

  9. Symptom: Risky Behaviour … Combine irresponsibility, impulsivity and a need for instant gratification and its not surprising that sociopaths get involved in risky behaviour.

The conclusion of the article outlined above … if you know someone with ASP, the best thing to do is steer clear. Avoid them. Avoid them as best as you can because they are going to complicate your life.