Wanted Sense of Inclusion

Linkedin ask for my thoughts, via a survey. Insightful as I am, pleased to oblige. Part way through the survey, only to find out that - whatever I said and however I said it - my names not down and I'm not coming in.

Damn you Linkedin. 

Left wondering, what was that all about. 

linkedin survey.png

Linkedin Discoverability

If you're looking to increase your exposure on Linkedin and improve your discoverability on the worlds leading business networking platform, a few simple steps:

  1. Pick one job / position of employment at a time. Work on ONLY one at a time. I'd been using the same content for a number of years and thought, it was a good time - new year and all - to freshen things up.

  2. Be mindful that there is a WORD LIMIT on a Linkedin job role / description.

  3. Compile the new job profile OFFLINE. I think it's still easier to review / update in WORD say. (Is this a new product development opportunity for Linkedin? Embed a better editor maybe?)

  4. When you're ready to introduce it - showcasing your talents to the world - paste the new description into the appropriate section of your Linkedin Profile.

  5. Do ONLY ONE A DAY max. The reason being, your network will receive a new notification that your profile has changed, been updated or reworked in someway thus, drawing eyeballs to your profile.

  6. Also, in terms of general search appearances, your NEW PROFILE is now loaded with the most appropriate keywords to the industry / market in which you operate (or have operated).

  7. Be prepared for nods and winks around the office. NO, you suddenly haven't become better looking overnight. More that, the constant trickle of Linkedin profile updates seen in recent days can give the right / wrong impression - you're shaping up to leave the business.

  8. Though a read a piece on Linkedin recently from an ex-colleague about the correlation between the frequency of Linkedin profile updates, the increased propensity to 'connect' and the likelihood of them looking for a new role, stay focused on what YOU think is right for YOU.

Let me know what you think of such a cunning plan.  In terms of content / ideas / approach for what to put into each role description, I'll add the detail in further posts. Reminds me, I need to add a new photo.  Though its still work in progress, the profile behind the chart above: Gary Pine