Who is behind an email address

Using an Email Risk Assessment tool, you can identify who is behind an email address.

Email risk assessment goes beyond basic comparative information and paints a complete picture based on the reputation of the buyer by using IP address, email and other information to validate identity.

Within a second, you can get a Risk Score and establish the owners name, when the email address was first seen, location and even photos of the owner.

Smart companies are increasingly reaping the benefits of using the email address, and the wealth of data that comes along with it, as a key part of their fraud prevention strategy. As much as providing insight as to who they are … it can also point out who they may not be.

One such example of how to interpret what you get from an Email Risk Assessment follows.

When there is NO supporting personal data in the lookup … DoB, gender, location, title, company name & social media link … you may start to smell a rat.

Dodgy … definitely maybe.

With a fraud score range of 301 – 600, a moderate risk score of say 500 (classed as neutral) may be enough to set hares running.

Dodgy … definitely maybe.

When the set of risk factors show ‘limited history for email’ is may suggest to you that this is a new or infrequently used email address - being used to cover-up their real intentions - and therefore not someone you want to engage with as a client,  customer, friend or even acquaintance.

Dodgy … definitely maybe.

The tools are out there … more fool anyone not choosing to use them.