Leaving A Narcissistic Partner Behind

Having a narcissist for a new or existing partner can well and truly mess with your head and the result is likely to be a number of limiting beliefs that you have about yourself, them, and your relationship. For instance, you might believe that:

  1. They truly love you

  2. Your love for them can prevail given time

  3. You are to blame for the ending of the relationship

  4. They bring you happiness that you will not find elsewhere

  5. Things can go back to how they were in the beginning

  6. They have seen the errors in their ways once and for all

  7. You can fix them and that it is your duty to stay and help

  8. They feel the same way that you do

Not one of these things is true. They are incapable of love, meaning your love can never prevail. You are not to blame, and you can find greater happiness elsewhere. Things can never go back to how they were and stay that way because they have not seen any error in their ways. You cannot fix them and nor is it your responsibility, and they most certainly don’t feel the same way as you.

The narcissist in your relationship will have tried to shatter the image you hold of yourself and remake it as he sees fit for his purpose. It may take professional therapy, or it may just be something you achieve with the help of your loved ones, but picking up the fragments of your true self and putting them back together is important if you are to avoid similar relationships in the future.

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