Severity of tinnitus related to emotional processing

Found a study yesterday out of the University of Illinois that revealed not only that those who have tinnitus process emotional sounds differently than those who do not have tinnitus, but also that among those who have tinnitus, there are significant differences in which regions of the brain are used when processing emotions.

Although I’ve heard many times … you have it … I have it … they have it … tinnitus can manifest itself in many ways, each patient’s experience is unique.

While some aren’t bothered overly by their tinnitus, others experience a reduced quality of life negative consequences include depression, anxiety, difficulty sleeping, mood swings, irritability and even suicidal thoughts.

Mindful that tinnitus often accompanies hearing loss, treating your hearing loss can bring back the wonderful sounds of life, improve your relationships and help keep your mind sharp.

For some people who have both tinnitus and hearing loss, just wearing hearing aids can also alleviate tinnitus. An option maybe.