Gracefully Declining a Job Offer

Whether you’re faced with an offer that you’d never accept in a million years or, one may have been a really good it however you've since received a better offer, there is definitely a gracious way to say ... “Thanks but no Thanks.”

As a someone who found their self in this very position quite recently with a candidate nicely following the 'Show Your Appreciation' > 'Give a Good, Brief Reason' > 'Stay in Touch' approach, he was kind enough to send me a email directly asking for a face to face catch-up or a brief call.

I duly rang back with the candidate then explaining their rationale ... with him not shirking away from our having a straight forward conversation with the would-be employer.(me). Something I very much appreciated and someone that - given their courteous and respectful engagement - I'd have no issue staying in contact with re any future opportunities.

Although disappointing that he chose someone / somewhere else to work for, both parties parted ways wishing each other the very best. Good old fashioned conversation ... no-one hiding behind email or text ... no radio silence leaving either party in the lurch ... nice ... simple.



Gary Pine

Mucho product management experience with some of the UKs leading internet, mobile & contact centre organisations; Orange, 118118 and the Trader Media Group (AutoTrader).