Giving and Getting Praise

In London today for the 2018 Betting on Football Conference & Expo at Stamford Bridge. Having spent an hour or so talking through some ideas and opportunities with a new business partner, we got onto pastimes, loves, likes and what we get up to when not ‘talking shop’.

As one current and one past martial artist, we swapped war stories having both seen, watched and training with the likes of Andy Sherry, Bob Poynton, the Brennan brothers and Terry ONeill; the great Terry ONeill being a friend of my contact.

Reminicing about our past endeavours, I told of Terry once telling me that ... I trained with ‘good spirit’. Given that it was probably more than 30 years ago when he said it ... my point you ask ... the positive impact of recognising effort in times of adversity or patting someone on the back for a job well done can last for a very long time. 

Try it tomorrow. Make someone’s day. Make a positive and lasting memory of you with someone else however, you’d better mean it. :-)