Dealing with Conflict

Having been asked this question at a recent interview and being the reflective, diligent man I am, thought to document a 'proper response' should I ever need one again.

Granted, I may not have answered it as best I could first time around however, this is what I should have said (though nearly did).

A little common sense and pre-emptive action BEFOREHAND can often defuse possible conflicts before they get out of hand however the following list of tips will help you manage and resolve touchy situations should they arise.

  1. Ask questions before you allow an escalation.

  2. Analyse expectations.

  3. Recognize differing perspectives.

  4. Identify mistakes as honest / unintended mistakes frequently result in conflict.

  5. Watch out for emotional triggers.

  6. Focus on preventing escalation (see 1 above).

  7. Take action to control the situation.

  8. Commit to working it out.

  9. De-escalate the conflict.

  10. Stay calm at all times (that’s me that is).

Anything to add? Anyone?